Addiction Intervention In San Diego


Addiction is a chronic and far-reaching disease that takes a heavy physical and emotional toll on addicts, their family members, and friends. Ultimately, the people who care the most about the addict will reach a crisis point where they can do no more for the addict. Such a crisis typically demands the services of a professional interventionist who can bring the addict and their loved ones together to find a successful and long-term solution to this devastating disease.


Addiction Intervention


San Diego Rehab Treatment Centers in West Hollywood, CA and Long Beach, WA are now offering intervention services.


Interventions address the fact that addiction is a disease affecting you and your family–not just the addict.

Family and close friends of an addict frequently ask for intervention assistance when an addict has already received counseling and recovery services, continues to accumulate a long criminal record, denies being addicted to anything and cares only about getting their drug of choice by any means available.

When an addict no longer respects boundaries set by you, family members and close friends and refuses to get help, arranging an intervention is essential for saving the life of the addict and restoring normal family functioning.


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Families will go through a series of private sessions with a professional interventionist. The intervention is ideally done after the third private session with the interventionist. Obviously, some cases are more complex and might require a bit more for optimal success.

We want all families to be successful and get healthier, regardless of what their addict or alcoholic does. Ideally, we want all families involved in our intervention process to attend a weekly family group to gain support or process events that occur along the way. Our family group is a process group with an Al-Anon feel.

Here is a snapshot of the sessions your family will experience with the interventionist:

  • Consultation
  • Education & Preparation
  • Rehearsal
  • Intervention



Intervention services are often necessary to save the life of an addict. When you have done everything possible to help the addict–only to be met with defiance, denial and guilt trips–intervention services should be planned as soon as possible.